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Minnesota State Register

The State Register is published each Monday, (Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) and includes:

  • Minnesota Rules - proposed, adopted, exempt, expedited, expedited emergency, vetoed and withdrawn.
  • Executive & Commissioner's Orders, Revenue Notices, Appointments, Proclamations
  • Official Notices - announcements, meeting notices, metropolitan council notices, public hearings, official reports, requests for outside opinions, vacancies in agencies, etc.
  • Professional, Technical & Consulting Contracts - including architecture and engineering, accounting/auditing/financial services, computer hardware and software, construction and remodeling, consulting and evaluating, medical/dental/psychiatric services, photographic, planning, testing, web and graphic design, writing and video services, and many others.
  • State Grants & Loans - agriculture grants, economic development, housing programs, health & human services, job skills partnerships, vocational rehabilitation, workforce partnerships, and many more.
  • Non-State Public Bids, Contracts & Grants - bids, contracts and grants from other than state agencies: city, county, metropolitan, federal, non-profit, and private agencies.

Subscriptions are available only online, and contain a special section entitled Contracts & Grants listing all contracts and grants currently open for bid, as well as a growing index to the current volume, links, and other useful items for online search. Cost is $180 a year, a savings of $80 off regular price. This enhanced electronic version is e-mailed to subscribers early.

Printed copies are available for $5 each by calling Minnesota’s Bookstore at (651) 297-3000. Ask for stock number 13-1 and the issue date. Affidavits of Publication cost $15 and include a copy of the State Register.

Deadlines and Submission
Copy deadline is always Tuesday at noon, unless a holiday shortens the week. See the deadline schedule on page 2 of each State Register. Proposed and Adopted Rules are on a two week schedule, due on Wednesday, 9 working days before publication.

All notices must be sent in Microsoft WORD - PDFs and FAXED notices cannot be used - to Sean Plemmons, editor, (651) 297-7963.

Accessing the State Register
Customers may access the State Register at no charge on this website from the links at the top of this page.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view the Minnesota State Register. Acrobat Reader is a free plug-in that works with your browser.

Visually-impaired users should download the Accessible Adobe Acrobat Reader. The State Register is unable to offer Technical Support in the downloading, installation, and use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you need technical assistance, please go to Adobe Technical Support.