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Note: All lists are produced according to customer specifications and cannot be returned.

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Minnesota law requires that names and addresses of individuals or organizations licensed by the State of Minnesota be made available to the public. Since 1982, selected mailing lists have been sold by Minnesota's Bookstore's Mailing List Service. Funds generated from the sale of mailing lists are used to help operate Minnesota's Bookstore, which receives no legislative appropriation and operates as a business in a government setting, generating income through the sale of publications, mailing lists, and other products available to the general public. You can view all of the available lists by downloading the Mailing List Catalog from the menu on the left edge of your screen. This is a large PDF document and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Privacy Issues
If you hold a professional license in Minnesota and would like to have your name removed from one of the lists we sell, please call us at 651.296.0930. If you would like to be removed from other commercial lists not sold by the State, please see the Guarding Your Privacy information from the Minnesota Office of the Attorney General.